About Us

A while back, a customer asked, "What is the story with these JDM badges? What do they mean, where do they come from?"

The Original Wakaba Badge

It all started a long time ago in a place far far away. Like many neat things, the Wakaba badge originated in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. New drivers were required to don this badge on their car to warn other drivers that they were new to the road.



The First Customized JDM Badge

Soon, import enthusiasts in other countries began to use this badge as a sign that they were a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) enthusiast, which means they are particularly interested in the auto parts and car culture of Japan. Then someone started making Filipino badges that gathered a small following.



Badges FTW is Born

When I discovered these, I wanted the maker of Filipino badges to make a badge for my country, and others were requesting their own country too. The seller never responded, and one day I decided to go and try to get one made myself. After succeeding, I decided to provide this service to all nationalities to fund a lip kit for my car. And thus, Badges FTW was born.


8 Years Later...

While many decal shop copycats have taken our designs to make stickers, we are proud to still be the only manufacturer to stay true to the original authentic JDM wakaba design of suction cup and magnetic badges.